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The Internet is a wonderful place to share ideas and communicate with people around the world. But it has its dangers as well. As the mother of Megan Meier can attest, the price to pay can sometimes be one’s life.

After everything that happened to a friend of mine, combined with the election shenanigans that happened to Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, I figured it would be prudent for me to switch to using a nickname instead, in order to protect myself and my family. So I will be going by “iMom” from now on. My hubby will be the “iHubby,” and my son the “iSon,” etc.

I’m going to combine some of my blogs and bring my blog posts here. Frankly, I was starting to have too many different accounts and blogs and I was neglecting some of them, or I would run out of things to say and some would get neglected for awhile.

But back to the dangers of the Internet–as I wrote in my post, Internet Networking: A Blessing and a Curse, I had a friend who was cyberbullied online. These bullies made false reports to her place of employment, and indirectly caused her to lose her job. Things were quiet for awhile, but apparently the bullies never let up. Imagine her horror– and mine–when suddenly our private email correspondence was posted on one of the cyberbully’s blogs! Her other friends’ private messages and emails were also posted by the bullies. The poster claimed she was doing “investigative journalism.” Barring the possibility that myself or my friend leaked our correspondence to the bullies, obviously someone hacked into her email account and copied the emails. While I am not ashamed of what was leaked, it was obvious that the bullies posted what they considered to be the worst parts of the emails in order to discredit us.

Two weeks prior to this occuring, someone also hacked into my friend’s site and deleted 90% of her files. Thankfully, she was able to restore them. I had warned my friend months ago to change her password to a more secure one, but I doubt that she ever did it. Now she finally changed it, but it’s too late. After more than one person filed a complaint to the FBI about what the bullies did, they removed most of their posts with the private emails, but they are unrepentant. And who know how much information they obtained about my friend, and all of her friends?

It all makes me sick. Maybe I am overreacting, but after seeing what happened to my friend, I am not taking any chances. So I am also going to remove all links to my celebrity blog from here also. Why? Because when they hacked into my friend’s emails, they also discovered the link to my celeb blog that I had emailed her. And guess what they did next? They came and tried to harass me by leaving nasty comments on my celeb blog. They did this in response to a blog post I made on another blog of mine where I pointed out their dastardly deeds.

It may take away from some authenticity in my writing, I suppose, but I want to be free to express myself without fear of reprisals, so this is what I have decided to do. Maybe this dooms my blog from ever being popular, but so be it.

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