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Yesterday I received my first package of rental books (yes, you read that right) from Bookswim. They were so nice they even gave me a book free just for being their 300th customer. I am going to help them with their book catalog, which will mean a discount off my membership!

I looked at the books, and for some reason, I wanted to read Sabina Shalom’s “The Marriage Sabbatical” first. Sabina went from a compliant housewife to a world traveler, and gained confidence as she experienced her adventures, until she got the chutzpah to ask for audiences with Indira Gandhi and the king of Tonga! I admire what she did to attain her goal. It goes to show you that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The next book I decided to read today was Robert Rodriguez’s “Rebel Without a Crew”. I appreciated how he outlined his thoughts and production process while making El Mariachi. He is truly an individualist and a self-sufficient one, too. And it took some chutzpah on his part also in order to finish his movie. He chronicles his frustration working with Hollywood crews, and how slow the whole process is, which is understandable. The only thing I wonder is, why do people in Hollywood have such foul mouths? They all seem to love swearing.

I have started on William Goldman’s book, “The Princess Bride”. I love how he weaves a fictional modern-day reality in with the fairy tale. It is quite different in tone from the movie, which cuts out a lot of the fictional biographical material. It is obvious that the fairy tale is not just meant for children.

Yes, I am a fast reader, but I will also have to go back and re-read the books I got. I’m still trying to get hubby to read the Star Trek book I got him. He was a little mad because he didn’t want to be part of a book club. Well, too bad. I think this will help us get away from the television more often.

What about the library? Why not go there? Well, after forgetting to return our books for the umpteenth time and racking up all those fines, I finally said enough is enough. I don’t mind paying a little money each month so that I can return a book whenever I want. Some people may object to “renting books”, but I think it’s a fabulous idea, provided that there is a good selection. So if anyone reads this, I recommend that you check out the Bookswim site.

Now I am waiting on my purse, which ironically was mailed first but still has not arrived yet. I think the seller mailed it only first class and not priority. Oh, well. I guess I will have to wait until Monday to get it, hopefully.

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