I was a missionary kid, a pastor’s daughter, a third-culture person, if you will. I am American of Chinese descent, and I am fluent in two and a half languages–yes, you read that right, 2.5 languages–English, Mandarin, part Taiwanese and part French and a tiny bit of Spanish. I am a Bible-believing Christian and a conservative in my social and religious views. I believe in modesty, chastity, and other Biblical virtues. I like good manners, etiquette and communication and dislike profanity, hip-hop culture, materialism.

This blog is my way of expressing my views about the present world around me–society, culture, media, and other issues affecting modern America. No, I am not Michelle Malkin, but I may venture to comment on politics once in a great while. I will also write about what I am learning spiritually through Bible studies, my observations, and anything else that teaches me a valuable lesson. I do not pretend to be an expert or master at anything, but I hope my insights can encourage my readers or at least interest them in thinking about the issues.