Normally Saturday mornings with my son consist of going shopping, a cartoon, or computer time. But today I decided to do something different. I have been studying the grace of God, and have been very moved by the case of David and Sean Goldman. These things have made me more grateful for my wonderful husband and my son. So today we spent time together reading and singing. I have been sporadically teaching him to read, and he’s done very well, and read several easy sentences today. Then I put on “Wall-E” for him while I listened to last night’s voice lesson.

I had had my best lesson last night to date. It’s strange that in order to sing more freely and beautifully, you have to let go of your voice and not be afraid to use your breath. I used to fret about singing too “breathy”. But now I am able to use that air to make my voice sound beautiful instead. And there’s a freedom from tension in the throat and jaw that’s very comfortable.

Then after a period watching a movie, I decided to take him to a new park that is closer to where we live. I took a chance, not knowing what the park was like, and only going on my neighbor’s recommendation. It turned out to be a delightful little park set in a nice, well-hidden neighborhood. There were kids there, and I met a Taiwanese grandmother who was here on a 3 month vacation to see her daughter, who married a Chinese-American doctor. We talked and she just assumed that I was like her daughter, a recent immigrant, until I explained that I was born here. She was with her granddaughter, the cutest two year-old. She had hoped for her daughter to marry someone from Taiwan, since her son and other daughter were there. But this daughter was a Japanese and English competition champion and wanted to study abroad, so she did and ended up marrying this doctor. I was able to tell her about my miscarriage when she asked if I only one. She told me that many people in Taiwan nowadays only want to have one child. But her daughter thinks it’s better to have another one for a sibling.

My son also played with a Latino boy on the playground, and even asked him, “will you be my friend?” The boy seemed a bit reluctant at first, but spurred on by his mother, and just through the process of playing and chasing each other around, they became playground buddies. My son is so friendly. We had a popsicle and he spilled half of the water I gave him on the ground, but we survived. When we left, I made sure he said goodbye to the little boy he had befriended, and the boy said “bye”. It was hard to tear him away from the playground. He didn’t want to go, but I told him we had to get daddy to bring him back to the park.

After we got to the college, when we were getting out of the car, my son said, “mommy, look, a bee!” I looked down and saw a hornet on my black pant leg. Yikes! I panicked and stomped and shook off the bug, send it to the ground, where it lay motionless. My son said, “I’ll step on it!” But I told him not to. Then when he stepped out of the car, the bug flew away. Brilliant. What a wonderful day together.