I saw the wonderfully inspiring debut of 47 year-old singer Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent, and I was so happy for her. It isn’t often that a late bloomer such as myself gets a chance to prove ourselves. Watch it here, if you haven’t already. She has a beautiful, sweet voice that sounds years younger than her age. And I admit that I did cringe because of her appearance. I think almost everyone did. But I’m so glad that she blew us all away.

Susan’s triumph couldn’t have come at a better time. I was recently inspired to take up singing again, and I have already lined up three voice teachers this week to check out. I hadn’t sang seriously for five years, but now this thirty-something is going to start it up again, and this time I have the confidence to know my goals and articulate them clearly to these teachers.

I always thought it was unfair for people and the music industry to favor only young talent, because I’m sure that Susan Boyle and I aren’t the only adults out there that have a dream that we have kept alive inside us, but were unable to fully pursue due to life, commitments, etc. And with each passing year our despair grows because the chance to fulfill that dream is fast slipping away.

I am so happy for Susan. She deserved the standing ovations and jaw-dropping audience that she got from her performance. I hope that she doesn’t get a big head, but instead uses her new opportunity to expand opportunities for others like her. Bravo, Susan.