I’ve been on a creative kick ever since the middle of last month. I made the wise decision to take my Christmas vacation in the middle of December, instead of during the usual holiday weeks, and I wish it had been longer. During that week, it happened to rain a lot where I live, to I got to enjoy a lot of difference movies indoors.

One movie that I had always wanted to see, but had put off forever was “A Little Princess.” I finally got it on sale a few months back, but even then I put it off. The book was one of my favorites as a girl, and also one that stimulated my writing. I remember being so embarrassed when I wrote a part of a story that was just like it, and my story ended up getting read in my 6th grade English class!

Anyway, I thought that the movie was superb, and naturally I fell in love with Liam Cunningham. Too bad I waited 13 years to watch the movie, for now he is older and gray, but nevertheless, the movie inspired me to write a fan fiction and another short story that just popped out of me over the next weekend, which I completed in three(!) days! It was truly a case of something that just couldn’t wait and had to come out of me. It was very cathartic to release my emotions by writing it.

Also, having good actors to work with in my imagination also stimulated me. After watching some of Liam’s other work, I was inspired to write yet another mini-story and several other stories.

I have been trying as much as possible to incorporate God and my faith into all of this, because artists and creative people like me can become so busy and engrossed with what we’re doing that we hardly have any time for meditation or quiet times. So I have to force myself to take time out just to listen to scripture or pray.

I have also rediscovered my love for music during this time. For me, music and writing go hand in hand. Sometimes it frustrates me when I cannot find the right kind of music to go with my story. But this is where my love of movie soundtracks comes in. While writing my fanfic, I listened to the Little Princess soundtrack over and over. I always liked Patrick Doyle’s work, and this is no exception. I also love the Iron Man soundtrack, and almost anything written by Hans Zimmer and John Williams. New stories spur the discovery of new music.

Writing these stories not only gives me an emotional release, but they also helped me be more confident. I would strut around during lunch time, listening to soundtracks on my mp3 player, imagining what my characters would do. It’s almost as if I act out their parts in my mind sometimes. But my dialogue is better when I can imagine an actor speaking it in their own way.

Anyway, once again, writing all this down has meant that I had to push everything else aside, or at least not do things as often, in order to get writing done. This time I told myself to strike while the iron while still hot—to write as much as I could before I lost interest in something. So far it’s proved to be a good strategy, and less stressful, too. There are still parts of the stories to be completed, but I am on track, if I would just persevere. Now I just need to know what to do with my finished work.