No, it’s nothing compared to what people have experienced in the Midwest or up north, but hubby and I ventured to drive on 5 highway despite the pouring rain. We were thinking about getting off the highway as soon as we got on, because of the snail-like pace of traffic, but soon traffic cleared, and so did the clouds! As we drove towards the mall, we saw blue skies and sunshine appear.

Alas, it did not last. As I was getting some ice cream at Haagen-Daaz, the ice cream girl and I suddenly heard a loud clatter against the mall roof.

“What is that?” she exclaimed. I told her that it was the rain. A sudden downpour was making all that noise.

“I want to see it,” she said, but she couldn’t, because the glass panes in the roof were opaque.

It was night by the time we drove home, and we noticed that quite a few highway lights were out, making the roads wet and dark, a dangerous combination. I was afraid we were going to miss our exit, because we had to turn off in a heavily wooded area. But oh, the heavenly smell of pine trees managed to penetrate our closed glass windows, anyway. I wished I could have lingered there to enjoy the scent a little longer.

I told hubby I bet that the evening news would be full of car crash stories, and he agreed. Locals here don’t know how to drive in bad weather.