I nearly forgot that I had another blog that I started last year at Livejournal, so I imported all the posts over here so I can have one combined blog instead of two. My entries at Livejournal were more personal and spiritual in nature, whereas the posts here seem to be more technical or news-oriented.

No matter, I will endeavour to try to write on a variety of subjects here, centered around my personal and spiritual life, and my views. I understand now what bloggers mean when they say that using their family’s real names makes it more personal. I had to go through my old entries and “scrub” them of any references to real names, place names, etc. It’s a shame but I feel that I must, due to the dangers I described in my previous post.

When I was a kid, my mother constantly reminded me not to tell other people what was going on with me or my family. I always thought that she was a bit paranoid, and I wondered why I couldn’t just be upfront and honest with people, and share what was on my mind. But now I understand a bit more what she was talking about. Anonymity is a form of protection. On the other hand, it can also shut people out. I will try to be as transparent as possible without revealing my identity. How’s that? If it is possible, I will do it.