I’m back, and I’m making some more changes to this blog, including the names I use, blog names, etc. What did I do, you ask? Some exciting things, such as interviewing Hollywood producers for my celebrity blog. But I also had some family happenings that were not the happiest, which revealed my inner flaws and struggles. I’m not a perfect person, even though I sometimes wish I were. I have more than one blog to express my feelings, especially those of a more raw nature. But sometimes I think that it’s too much. I should say what I want to say in just one blog, because too many blogs is too many to keep track of.

Yes, I’m saying all this in conversational English, and not the most eloquent written English. But that’s all right. For so long I have felt the need to always put on my best self and never truly reveal how I feel to others. My husband was one of the few who was able to see through my facade and understand my inner turmoil. As a writer, sometimes I’m poetic. As a mom, I am concerned about certain issues moms relate to, such as education and family issues. As a daughter, I have had my share of struggles with my parents.

The question in my mind is whether or not to share these things with others? Why share them at all? Wouldn’t they be suited for a personal diary, kept under lock and key, instead of on the internet? People of diverse opinions express themselves on the internet, and that is great, but at the same time, people can be likewise extremely cruel on the internet. This is why I decided to stop using even my first name on this blog, a decision which I will explain in my next post.

I wish I could offer something of value in a blog to others. The problem is, I don’t consider myself enough of a techie, or a financial guru, or guru of anything to write on a specific topic of interest like that to others. I tend to be a generalist; interested and perhaps well-versed in a wide variety of topics but loathe to dive too deeply into most of them. So you’re stuck with just… me. I can only offer myself in this blog.

To be honest, I prefer writing for money. I wish WordPress would allow us to post ads on our blogs. But then again, some readers might be offended by commercialism in a personal blog. I understand that. The reason my blog is here on not self-hosted is because I already spent considerable time setting up a celebrity blog and another forum site on my own, and I don’t want to do it again for another blog. But maybe in the future I might consider moving this blog to its own domain, once I find a suitable name for it.

About the name—I’m still working on it. So I apologize if you find the titles changing frequently. I don’t think enough people read here to mind, though.

Also, my two most popular posts here were about celebrities. While I understand the fascination with celebs, and I will still write my opinion about them from time to time, I want this blog to be more focused on my views about myself and my life, therefore I have decided to keep one of my celebrity posts private.

If you read this post, I am most grateful, and thank you for your time.