Ignacio was a co-worker of mine who worked in the graphics/records departments. He was a robust guy who always smiled, and when I was pregnant he told me how much fun kids were and how he loved them. It’s somewhat rare nowadays to hear a father describe his passion for his children, so Ignacio’s words made quite an impression on me.

For that reason I was so shocked to hear of his sudden passing last Monday morning. It was announced via email to our whole office. No one seemed to have any details of what happened, and I wondered how his three kids would fare now. His funeral was held today and was well attended. I asked a colleague who attended if he knew what happened to Ignacio. What I heard made my hair stand on end–apparently Ignacio was the victim of medical malpractice. He should have survived his surgery just fine, but instead, complications developed due to someone’s negligence. I wouldn’t be surprised if his family were to sue the hospital. It was all so sad and unnecessary.

The Lord says that we are to look after orphans and widows. Ignacio is my second co-worker who died this summer and left a widow and young children behind. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

Meanwhile, Ignacio, you will be missed.