I found out the hard way that I didn’t have to go to work today, because my company gave us the day off. I went into the office and wondered why no one was there, and it slowly dawned on me that perhaps I didn’t need to be there at all. I had been inspired to get there exactly on time (which I did), so this made it even more ridiculous.

But it wasn’t all a loss, because I met a co-worker that I barely knew. She was the only other person in the office, and we struck up a friendly conversation. During the course of our discussion, from her came an inspirational story of how an Asian single mother (she fled an abusive husband) of three managed to start a side business that allowed her to put her three sons through college, and to buy land and build a house and pay it off in less than five years. What a story! She was almost too modest about her accomplishments, citing them as necessary to help her and her family survive. She also gave God the credit for it, too. I will post her story in my next blog post (after she gives her consent), because I think it deserves to be told.