Setting up a new blog (especially one where I pay for the hosting) turned out to be more delightfully challenging and rewarding than I expected, and yes, I fussed over the design for the site numerous times, obsessed about the colors, whether it looked right in both Firefox and Internet Explorer, how to change the header image, etc. I even submitted a theme request to one of my favorite theme designers, Sadish Bala of WPthemland, who had requested ideas for themes. I can’t wait to see what he does with a celebrity blog theme, since most of his themes are so clean and technically or nature-oriented, which I love.

Needless to say, I have learned a lot recently about web hosts, WordPress, design, CSS (I barely know it), plugins, SEO, marketing, image licensing, Adsense, social networking, promotion, writing, writing, writing, did I say writing? And there’s a lot more for me to learn. But about the writing–two days into working on my celebrity blog and I realized an essential element that almost every blog requires–the personal element.

Coming from a journalism background, my tendency when writing a blog post is to follow what I learned in school–research my facts, be as objective and unbiased in my writing as possible, etc. However, I noticed that the blogosphere doesn’t quite work that way. Yes, facts are important, but as one blogger said, “it’s all opinion.” Celebrity bloggers and tech bloggers alike give their personal views on the topic they are writing about. (I applaud all the brave souls who dare to bare their heart and soul to the public via the internet, and risk inviting criticism or controversy.) So I realized that what makes a blog interesting is the unique perspective of the individual who is writing it. In the same way, I need not be ashamed or hold back my views on the topics I blog about.

A blog, then, seems to be a mix of a diary, news article, and editorial all in one web log. Back when I was going to journalism school, blogs didn’t exist yet; I wonder what my college professors think of it now? But I think it is fantastic thing that frees up the writer to express themselves in a way they couldn’t before, in real time. In the future, who knows what other marvelous invention will come along to revolutionize the writing process?