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Miley isn’t the first Disney teen girl star to be embroiled in some type of scandal or trouble. Remember Vanessa? Britney? Lindsay? Christina? Most, if not all of those stars were once role models for young girls before they became known for their sleazy behavior. In Miley’s case, the Vanity Fair photographers claimed that her parents were on the set and they all thought that the bedsheet photo was a good idea. What were they thinking? No matter how “artistic” they claim the photo to be, Miley is just too young to be photographed like a vixen that way. After seeing Miley’s Easter church service photos, this is not only disappointing, but will hurt Disney’s business as well.

I am glad that Miley herself had the humility to express embarrassment and consternation over the photograph. Her response shows that she still has a sense of modesty. This whole affair has brought to my mind Proverbs 11:22, which says, “Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.” Too many women, both inside and outside Hollywood, show no discretion and thus waste their beauty. What a terrible tragedy. But why have a lot of young actresses become corrupt? Is it because their egos are constantly stroked by the money and adoration they receive and they lose touch with reality? Or does hanging around the entertainment industry 24/7 corrupt their moral resolve? Perhaps, as in Judy Garland’s case, these girls were given everything a girl could want except for the unconditional love and firm moral guidance that they need to continue being good role models. Whatever the case may be, I pray and hope that Miley will not become another Britney. We will wait and see.

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