I had gone to my thyroid doctor on Monday for my quarterly checkup, and was surprised that I didn’t hear from her, or so I thought. Every day I was checking my phone for a message from her. During the checkup I confessed to her that I had been feeling so well that I only took the thyroid medication on an as-needed basis. I had prayed that she would not say that my thyroid was still “palpable”. She said it again, but this time she told me that if she remembered right, my thyroid seemed firmer, which was a good sign that it was shrinking. Yay!

Anyway, this morning I checked my phone again and found that she had indeed called on Wednesday. For some reason it had not registered on my phone before. And now when I tried to access voicemail I could not. Earthlink’s voicemail service had gone haywire again. I called and called, and even contacted their customer service, to no avail. I could not get anyone there to help me. And all this right when I needed to know what my test results were!!

Finally, the voicemail started working again and I got the doctor’s message. I had reminded myself that she usually delivers the news, whether good or bad, in a monotone voice, like the hosts of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. But she told me that my test results were normal, and that my TSH was now within normal range!! The rest of the message sounded familiar–it was something I had read in many healing testimonies before. “Whatever it is you are doing–keep doing it,” she said. She told me that based on my results that I would be considered to be in remission, and that even taking the medication once or twice a week was like nothing. Then she told me to give her a call if I felt any symptoms again, and wished me a good day.

Truly God answered my prayer before I even prayed it! For my TSH had been very low for a long time, and after leaving the doctor’s office I had prayed and asked God how I could bring that up to normal levels. But the fact that all three of my hormones were normal means that my prayer was already answered! Sweet victory!

I did not feel overly excited, for I was not exactly surprised at the outcome, but nevertheless I did feel a pleasant, sweet excitement. When I told Patrick, he didn’t seem very excited either, but he was very happy for me. “See I told you from the beginning that you were healed.” After him, the next person I told was his mother, then my mother. But when I talked to my mother-in-law I realized afterwards that I had failed to mention God’s part in my healing, or to emphasize it, so I made sure to give God the glory and praise when I called my mother. I tried to encourage her that her age need not hinder her from doing God’s will.

So miracles and healings still happen today–I testify to that! And getting healed of a more serious illness is just as simple and easy as getting healed of a cold–it’s true! I don’t exactly know what caused my TSH to normalize, and I am not going to over-analyze the reasons, because I don’t want doubt creeping into my mind, but I give God all the praise and glory due Him for it!