I have been having some more weird dreams lately, so I thought I would record them. They may mean nothing–simply my brain’s way of processing information. But they may mean something, too. Here are the short summaries:

1) Mandy Moore trying to tempt me – I stand up to her in the name of Jesus. She was standing with her back to a river bank, next to some other people. Toward the end of the dream my image of her grew distorted and she became exaggerated like an image in a fun house mirror.

2) I am on a spaceship, and the other people on the spaceship decided that it would be fun to have people jump off the spaceship to try to land on a planet. I don’t think it is a good idea, but I am amazed at how many people line up to do it, but of course they never make it to the planet, but instead are lost to deep black outer space. The only one who makes it is a little child or baby, who lands on the planet.

One of the first people to jump is Marcia Cross, who, when she realizes to her horror that she is not going to make it, panics. I turn and see that she is actually on a table, so this might all just be a virtual reality game. But she wakes up for a moment in panic, then dies.

I think this dream symbolizes how humanity sins and “misses the mark”, so to speak, and thus perishes. It is fitting that the only one who made it to the planet was the child.

3) Fave Singer and a whole bunch of people come to my apartment for dinner, and the apartment is a little messy, for example, some spots on the carpet need to be vacuumed. I am sitting across from FS and he asks me how I am doing, and I decide to give him the longer version, explaining how I am doing spiritually. When I ask him how he is doing, he gives me the short answer. Then later he wanders into the hallway and sees the spot that needs vacuuming and tells me that I need to do so. I then yell at my husband in the living room that we need to vacuum.

Normally I would have awoken from this dream feeling embarrassed that I was caught needing to do some housework. But this time I just said to myself that it didn’t matter because I am under God’s grace. So this is a good change for me. Instead of hanging on to my pride I just acknowledged that I needed to straighten some things, that’s all. I don’t need to fret over them and let my pride take over, even if it is just a dream.