God has been giving me and my dear husband pleasant dreams lately. The first one I had occurred in the middle of last week, where I dreamed that I went back to the Midwest to visit, and they had renovated a run-down section of the city so that it was now a tourist attraction, with a large mall and park, etc. I dreamed that I had fun touring the place, then when I was trying to leave, instead of exiting the place, I ended up going up some stairs into what looked like a round railcar with windows all round the perimeter, that was suspended above ground. There were women dressed like flight attendants going in and out of this thing. I wasn’t sure what it was until the door closed and passengers were asked to sit tight and enjoy the ride, so to speak. Then the ride started and I found that we were going in circles, but higher and higher, to where I saw a panoramic view of the city below, and I could see the park, with a blue lake, and people enjoying themselves, etc. I thought this was very cool and I couldn’t wait to go get my husband and child to have them come experience the ride, too. My interpretation of this dream is that since it occurred right after I resolved some things in my heart about some bad experiences in the Midwest, that I was not moving on to a bigger vision of my life beyond Midwest.

My second dream occurred earlier this week, where I went with a friend (someone I don’t know in real life) to visit Eddie Van Halen at his mansion. The visit was very realistic and interesting, as Van Halen showed us his house, and I got to talk to him like a friend. Very interesting. I am not a Van Halen fan, and I hadn’t been thinking about him, so I don’t know why I had this dream.

Last night I had a dream that DH and I were out looking at apartments to live in, and we found two we liked. The first one was very nice, but ultimately we decided against it. The dream details are a little fuzzy so I can’t remember if the one we ended up picking had a view of a lake from an upstairs balcony or not. I do remember that in the dream DH comments that he likes the fact that he will be close to school.

My husband also had a pleasant dream last night, but alas we both cannot remember it. I also had another dream a week later that I cannot remember too.

Either case, thank God for sweet dreams!