Well, he’s really a toddler now, but I wanted to list the things he can do now:

  • He is starting to imitate even more words, such as “Hi, I did, thank you,”, etc., but his favorite word is still “no”
  • He loves singing and dancing, and will often dance to an uptempo song. The boy’s a natural born dancer!
  • I catch him “singing” from time to time. He doesn’t know what notes are yet, but you can tell he is trying to sing a song.
  • He can make growling noises and other deep-throated noises.
  • He can whisper now! The other night he started to imitate me whispering.
  • Today I asked him to bring me his shoes, and he did! He brought them to me so I could put them on his feet to go out.
  • I also asked him to help me clean up his toys, and sang the cleanup song, and he helped me on his own!
  • The last remaining missing teeth are starting to sprout.