I decided to have a low-key birthday this year, because I have learned from experience that expectations of others can lead to disappointment. Plus I decided just to praise God for the day anyway, and it turned out really nice!

The first thing that happened this morning is that one of my co-workers, Charlene, came into the elevator and immediately wished me a happy birthday. I was touched that she remembered. No doubt she probably received an invite to the cake celebration that my co-workers were going to host for me.

The celebration actually took me by surprise because it was early, at 1:30 pm. Andrea drove the cake in on her day off work, for which I was very grateful. I got a beautiful chocolate mousse cake, and the few co-workers who gathered and I had a good time just talking about everything, including Bookswim, books, movies, plans. They all gave me worldly advice and urged me to do something for myself.

Then I was able to share my cake with others, especially Angela, a co-worker who actually shares the same birth date as I did! I was so glad that I could share it with her!

My brother also called me up to wish me a happy birthday. I also received a birthday card from my in-laws, and later from my parents, and they both arrived super-quick through the mail, faster than normal! I know it was God because I had been praying about my financial situation, and decided to believe for some money. Praise God for his provision!

My dear husband keeps telling me that he will get me the mp3 player I want when we are able to, and our baby was a dear, as usual. So I had a very nice day with all kinds of little sweet surprises. God is good.