I had a victory for myself as a person today. I am normally soft-spoken and a conflict avoider, so it was a big step for me to express my dissenting opinion on a fan forum.

The issue that I had a beef with was this: A few months ago, a controversial article about Fave Singer (FS) appeared in Blender Magazine, in which he gave very sarcastic answers, but the way they were printed made him sound like a sleazy, raunchy person. Naturally, this upset some fans and delighted others. I didn’t participate in the debate that followed, but in my mind it came down to this: the fans who loved the article basically ridiculed the fans who did not, and called them prudes, etc. One girl in particular who was very conservative was the lone embattled voice against scores of others who tried to invalidate her objections. I contacted her and she told me that she received a lot of support from other fans who felt the same way that she did, but they would not help her by defending her publicly on the forum. I, unfortunately, was a guilty one. Why is it that whenever someone objects to questionable sexual material that they are automatically labeled a prude? Anyway, when FS got wind of the controversy and apologized to his fans, stating that he was just being sarcastic in his answers, but it did not come across well.

Recently, another article about FS cited the Blender article, saying that FS was not just a good, nice guy. Naturally some of the fans on the forum relished it (there are many hippy women and liberals on there). So I decided this time to state what I really thought about what happened in the best way possible. Lately I have gotten bolder, and not so embarrassed about expressing myself anymore. It must be the Lord. I ended up having a good discussion with some of the other fans, including the forum owner herself, who was apparently surprised to find out the depth of my conservatism. I discussed how calling someone a “prude” was often an insult, and I tried to keep my responses as unemotional but well thought out as possible. I even told them flat out that had this been a verbal discussion, I probably would not have fared as well. We also discussed the effects of fame, and I shared my parents’ story. It ended up being very good, I think, because I did not expect or demand anything of the other side, even emotionally, and concentrated on just expressing my view. The forum owner told me to keep sharing my views and not let anyone get me down. Yay!

So praise be to God who opens my mouth! I can now relate to Moses when he told God that he could not speak. But the Lord is opening my mouth and helping me to be bold!