What a great day I had today, praise God!

Yesterday I had learned a little about essential oils, and how they help heal the body. I didn’t have any oils on hand, but I did have a small jar of Tiger Balm, the clear kind. I thought I would try applying it to my nose and the areas of my head that ached, and it helped a lot! Not only did my sinuses clear up, and my head and ears felt much better, I slept very well! I got up this morning and ran to the organic foods store, where I did get a large vial of peppermint oil, which I found out can bring down a fever when applied to the feet! On my way there, I was also able to rebuke any residual earache loudly and clearly, which was great!

Today is also payday, so after giving contributions and paying bills, somewhere along the course of the day, it occurred to me that I ought to record myself singing! I had wanted to record my own version of the healing scriptures, and I had an mp3 software on my computer, so I did that, reading them to the best of my ability, and I did not have one hitch, glitch, or error for all all 11 minutes of it! God is awesome! A natural outcome of this was the idea for recording my singing. I was looking up Kristy Starling (a new Christian music singer who is singing a Christmas song duet with Josh Groban), and heard her version of “To Where You Are” and I had to try it for myself! She had brought the song down to a comfortable key, so I recorded my version, acapella, of course, but nevertheless I was astounded and quite pleased with the outcome. Usually when I record myself I get really self-conscious, and I cringe when I hear myself. But this time, I was at peace and confident, and even though the voice still sounded like me, it was not as nasal, and I think my opening my mouth wider to enunciate really helped. Doing all this made singing irresistible, so I had to try other songs, too! I can’t wait to record some more! It was a wonderful creative moment.

I watched an interview of Fave Singer (FS) by a Milwaukee TV reporter named Scott Steele, and all I can say is that Scott knew which questions to ask, and this was one of his best interviews that I’ve seen! Scott asked FS how he managed to remain grounded with all of the fame he’s had, and FS answered graciously that he felt like he was “successful, but not famous”. He thought it was great that he had passionate fans, but that he could still go to a restaurant and not be bothered by paparazzi. He also said that he knew that he was very lucky to have the kind of voice he had, and the opportunities he’s had, and he tries not to take it for granted. He also praised his parents for raising him and his brother right. I found it interesting that Scott would ask FS about his brother, and whether FS was worried about the effects of fame on his brother. FS replied very confidently with a “no”. He said that his brother was a brilliant filmmaker in his own right and had always supported him, so he did not worry about that.

FS also agreed with Scott when Scott called his “luck” a “blessing”. And Scott praised FS for his graciousness. Definitely the way FS honored his parents on television was wonderful. The best part of his character came out here, and I was encouraged.

I also called my mom tonight and told them about my impending promotion. They were glad to hear it, of course, and for the first time I was able to disagree and banter with my mom a bit. She was telling me how lonely she and my dad felt, and I was trying to encourage her to find some friends. Of course she told me why that wouldn’t work, and suddenly I realized that much of the problems that she told me had to do with her and my father’s status as mini-celebrities in their professional realm! Now I understand much better why my family always seemed so isolated from other people. It’s a terrible thing when you cannot trust people because you never know who might gossip about you! I imagine it’s what Hollywood celebrities have to deal with all the time. When I was a little girl I was told not to tell even my friends about what was going on in my family, especially if it was bad. I always thought this was not right, especially since I was supposed to be an honest Christian girl, but I grudging complied. Tonight I was able to tell my mom how I felt about it, that my character is such that I prefer to be open and honest with most people about things going on in my life. I think it is a cultural difference as well.

I am indeed a woman caught between cultures. I am Asian-American, and my mother agreed that the way most Americans make friends is different than the way a lot of Asians make friends. I read that Americans make friends based on common interests and shared activities. But Asians make friends based on having common societal values. But then again, it’s probably hard for anyone to find true blue friends.