Well, I guess he’s not a baby anymore, he’s a toddler, but still….

He now chatters away non-stop, with half of his sounds sounding like words.

He can also now turn on the fan.

He likes to do his own version of singing when he’s playing–loudly and off-key, but adorable!

This morning when daddy turned on the radio and was flipping through the stations, the faint sound of a classical station came through, and when daddy asked, “do you want to listen to this?” My baby clapped! Now that’s my son! Make your mom proud, ha! So the radio’s been on the classical station since. I am smiling because my husband is more of a rock/country fan, so we don’t listen to classical as much as I like.

Baby also knows when he’s in trouble. All we have to do is call out his name loudly when he’s in the middle of doing something naughty, such as playing with the television controls, and he’ll start crying and come running to me. And we’ll stare at him wide-eyed, going, “we weren’t even angry!”

Anyway, he has great manual dexterity and motor skills, and he loves animals. Maybe he’ll be a veterinarian? I just have this gut feeling that he will be a scientist or doctor or something along those lines.