I am beginning to run out of titles to these entries, which is strange, because being a writer, usually I have a title for everything I write. But sometimes I just want to put down the date and that’s it.

I continue to make progress with eradicating my ailment. The symptoms are much reduced, and I have periods of time when I do not feel them at all, but sometimes they come back from time to time. I firmly believe it has something to do with allergies and sinus congestion. I am feeling much better today after another night of full sleep (yay), and I even sang praises for nearly half an hour this morning! I could see that my toddler enjoyed it very much as he ate his breakfast.

Even though my thoughts sometimes wander back to worrying when I am not doing something spiritual or religious, like praying, singing, reading the Word, etc., I had to remind myself that God loves me regardless of my performance and what I am doing. That is such a freeing concept – I do not have to perform in order to earn God’s love! Nor do I have to worry and grovel and beg God to show me favor when I mess up. I do not have to put on a religious front of pretense in front of God, either. Consequently, this enables me to become bold in God’s grace. Last night I dealt with an old sin that I have, from time to time, fallen into. But this time I sounded rebuked it and took a stand against it in Jesus’ name, and then moved on. It was one of the quickest, most decisive decisions to repent I have had in a long time.

Grace motivates. Legalism does not. God want us to love him, and to do things for him because we love him. He delights in mercy over legalistic sacrifice. That kind of sacrifice is worth nothing to him, because after all, he could summon up what he needed in a flash, without us doing anything for him.

Now I am looking to him to supply my financial need, for the beginning of this month will be extremely tight. Praise God for his promises!