My day started out pretty exciting. I had had a solid, sound sleep, and had told my husband the verse where it says that God awakens us day by day (Isaiah 50:4), so the devil has no right to wake us up! We prayed and slept through the night, praise God!

Then I asked God when to leave for work, and got the impression that I should leave at 8:00, so I tried to leave as close to 8:00 as I could. I also asked, and got the impression that I should wear a skirt, so that is what I did.

I went to work with my new purse, and enjoyed carrying it, and arrived at 8:26, before my co-workers! I then wondered if I should go get some coffee, because I was craving some caffeine to combat premenstrual symptoms, and asked about it. The initial impression I got (whether it be my thoughts or the enemy’s) was a “no”. But then when I decided to test the spirits, I also got a “no”, so I decided to go to the Coffee Bean.

It all worked out great because a homeless veteran was sitting outside the coffee shop, so I hurried in, hoping to get him something before he left. I got a decaf coffee, a big bottle of water, and two muffins, then I went out and gave him the water. He was cheery and grateful, and took the water, but when I was about to give him the muffin, he politely declined, saying that he had eaten too many sweets this morning. This worked out, because then I thought I could give it to the homeless man who always carried the “extremely hungry” sign outside the subway station every morning. Fortunately he was just down the street going toward my job, so I was able to catch up with him (after he put his cardboard sign in a newspaper dispenser) and give him the muffin. To my surprise his voice was full of warmth and gratitude. He sounded like a normal person, not a drug addict (as I had thought) at all. Just a normal person down on his luck? He couldn’t be more than 35. Anyway, I was so happy to serve God by doing a good deed.

After seeing and hearing about how millions of people live in the slums in India, I realize that the homeless situation in LA does not even compare to that, but whatever we can do to help counts.

I went through the day pretty well. The symptoms of earache were mild and came back from time to time, but I would rebuke them each time again. I found and listened to Christian songs. One verse that constantly went through my head was, “the grass whithers, and flowers fall, but the Word of God endures forever.” Yep, and the Word of God is truth, and if the Word of God is truth, and it endures forever, then that means that as long as I abide in the Word, and in the truth, my healing will similarly endure, because God’s Word does not return to Him empty, but accomplishes what he wants. It’s all tied together.

The only thing I will say that discouraged me a little and made me feel a resurgence of symptoms, was reading about Kenneth Copeland possibly being a freemason. I do not say this because I directly subscribe to this man’s teachings, but because some of the most helpful web sites to me that have helped me in my battle against illness have been web sites of people who do subscribe to Copeland’s teachings, in part or in whole. But reading about his false teaching, if it indeed be his, was not encouraging. But I had to remind myself of something else that also went through my mind a lot today: that either God’s Word works, or it doesn’t. Which will it be? Either God is a liar, and his Word does not work, or it is the truth and it does. There is no gray area, for even one error or lie will make the whole thing a lie. So I choose to trust and obey the Word!

I have felt great most of the time sitting hear, recalling the victories of yesterday and today. God is awesome and deserves the praise! He heals all of my diseases! Bless/Praise the Lord!

And by the way, hubby did what he promised and did not turn on the TV today. He even finished reading the Star Trek book! Wow! He said he was not that impressed. He is a hard man to please, lol.