I decided to take my son to the doctor, because for the second night in a row his fever had spiked to 103 degrees. Hubby didn’t think we needed to at first, but I’m glad we went, even though hubby made us late by 20 minutes and then he didn’t go into the examining room with me.

Jonathan’s temp was 102 in the office, but he had gained a pound. We had an unusually long wait before the doctor came, but I suspect it was because there was a new patient ahead of us, a woman with her daughter, who looked like a teenager. I don’t know why she brought her daughter to the pediatrician. Her daughter looked very tired or ill.

Anyway, the pediatrician was all smiles, checked out Jonathan, and told me his throat was red so he had an infection, but his ears were fine. He was surprised when I told him about my ear infection last week, and commented that it was unusual for adults. He prescribed amoxicillin and told me not to worry, that Jonathan would be over it very quickly.

The doctor also told me the secret about Gatorade after I told him that Jonathan got very hyper and refused to sleep after drinking Gatorade. The red dye in the Gatorade causes worse hyperactivity in children, thus red Gatorade is to be avoided. All other colors are fine. I wish the nurse had told me this yesterday when she told me to give Jonathan Gatorade, because guess which color did I get? Yep, the red kind.

I couldn’t wait to get the medicine, but there was a long line at Walgreens (it seemed that a lot of people were sick), and I had to walk back to the drug store an hour later, in the hot sun, because I wanted the exercise and didn’t want to drive in the construction zone. Jonathan immediately got better after he took the medicine, which he didn’t seem to mind. His temp went down to between 100-101 degrees, but at least he was more comfortable. He did not like being awakened from his second nap.

So anyway, praise God for doctors and antibiotics! I’m glad I took Jonathan to the doctor, and all my co-workers were very understanding when I told them the situation. I will go into the office tomorrow instead.