Ah… The world is starting to turn right side up again. I am feeling much, much better, I feel healed! No ear or head pain! My toddler caught some bug that upset his stomach and gave him a fever, but I am confident he is going to recover well, just like he did last time!

I listened to Andrew Wommack’s first tape on prayer yesterday, and it was very freeing. A good example he gave was when someone asked him how long he spent praying, he realized that the person either wanted to compare or condemn him. Then he thought, how much time do I spend with my wife? All day, in his case. An intimate relationship does not require a structured, regimented time to be “together”. Rather, two people who are in love just naturally want to be together. So why would it not be the same with God? Makes sense to me. So Wommack told his friend that he spent all day with God, which astounded the man. He also pointed out that Dwight Moody only spent 45 minutes in structured quiet time with God every day. Ah… freedom. “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom!”

And Wommack is right about how most people, including myself, have misunderstood prayer, and instead of a time to praise God and commune with Him, it becomes a time to do nothing but pour out woes to him, beg or coerce him to do something, or fulfill some legalistic requirement–a miserable time, indeed! Plus he mentioned the times he started to fall asleep while praying, something I have done many times. He asked God what to do about it and God told him to go to bed! Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? A lot of things we do with God we would not do with another human being.

I am definitely going to praise God a lot more than I have. Praise makes the devil flee and focuses the mind on the glory of God instead of all the ills and circumstances that depress us. A good antidote to depression!

My baby smiled and laugh at four o’clock in the morning when he woke up with a 103, when I sang “Father Abraham” to him. Even at four in the morning it’s good to praise God!

On a side note, Fave Singer saw all the negative comments fans wrote on his web site and in the Charlotte newspaper, and he issued a heartfelt apology, as I thought he would. He had laryngitis, hence the concert cancellation. This is why one never knows when he might read something one wrote on his web site.

Also, I decided to give the Bookswim site a try, and I signed up! Building the book queue was a bit difficult, as their web site is still in beta mode, and the search function isn’t very efficient yet. They removed one of my books and did not ship me everything on my top 5. Oh well, we’ll see how it works.