I can’t believe it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted an entry here. Hopefully I will be able to post something daily. But a lot of things did happen between the last entry and this one.

First, I went to my endocrinologist on Thursday, and was able to have a positive, honest discussion with her about the dosage of my medication, yay! I had been wondering how to broach the subject and ask her to lower my dose, when it occurred to me that I could gently suggest it to her, which I did. She took it well, and then told me, much to my relief, that while the medication did not come in a lower dose, I could either halve the tablet, or she did have patients that took it every other day. I’m so glad she mentioned that because that is essentially what I have been doing. Then when I went to the lab to get my blood drawn, a lady was sitting there, crocheting! I talked to her as I took out my knitting and she told me she was making something that would eventually be the size of a twin-sized bedspread. Wow! I could tell she was a pro.

On Friday, I went to see the new general doctor I was checking out, and after much confusion and walking around, up and down hills, I found her medical building. She was not what I expected, which was good. What I mean is that I knew she was a relatively recent medical grad, and that she would most likely be a typical young and thin Asian woman, but I dreaded meeting someone who was going to look picture perfect, as a lot of California Asian women tend to be. However, she was very nice and not pretentious or made up like a doll at all. She checked my ears and said they looked really good, yay! And she quipped that her mother and grandmother knitted, but she didn’t think she would have the patience. Because I hadn’t eaten, she had me do the bloodwork for a general physical exam. Then we commented on how difficult it was to get a man to see a doctor. She said that yes, a lot of her male patients were dragged in by their wives or girlfriends.

Josh is obviously feeling much better, because his manager posted on his fan club board that he was “fine”. And he did seem fine at the Norfolk, VA concert Friday night, according to the reports. Good for him!

Also, I finally found my purse! I had been scouring ebay for a deal, and finally found a name brand drawstring satchel that someone was selling for less than $10! Naturally, I snapped it up. I can’t wait for it to come in the mail. Thank you, Lord!

Today, my toddler son did something that astounded my dear hubby and I. DH was playing him his favorite Veggie Tales video, and at the end of the one, he sang the last two words! I heard him from the kitchen, loud and clear, and he enunciated the words perfectly! I couldn’t believe my ears! I asked DH if that was our son who did that, and he said yes. Wow!

We were going to look at apartments, but none of the ones we wanted to look at seemed to be open today, so we decided to go south anyway and just have fun. My brother called and said he was going to the Orange County Fair, so we decided to go together. It was such a pleasant visit, all the way down south, and we saw all the animals, the arts and crafts (excellent works which inspired my DH), and even saw a NASCAR race car at the AAA station. Naturally, I took a picture of DH next to the car.

The biggest mistake we made was overestimating the amount of food we bought. We were used to going to public places where often they gave you only a little amount of food for a lot of money. Well, the fair was different. We went to a place called Juicy’s Texas BBQ, and they had giant corn dogs, turkey legs, and huge mounds of french fries. DH got a turkey leg, but could not finish it. I got a corn dog which I shared with the baby, but we couldn’t finish that either. I had also ordered fried zucchini and that was yum! My brother and I barely finished the mound of nacho cheese fries he had ordered. Wow, that was our lunch and dinner all in one!

At certain times negative and foreboding thoughts about life would enter my mind, but I quickly rebuked those. Also, at the entrance of the fair, when we were waiting to get our tickets, a man out of the blue handed me an extra ticket (one of those special admission ones) as he was going in. “Need an extra ticket?” he said as he handed it to me. My joy at receiving something free quickly turned to anger when DH took the ticket and gave it to my brother, because he had paid for the parking. “It’s only fair,” he said. Later, DH begged me to forgive him when I told him that he took away my joy, and didn’t even ask me before he took the ticket away. In the past, I would have fumed at him the whole day, but not today. I know the price of strife and I will not allow it.

Anyway, the strange thing is, my ear and head did not bother me a bit during the whole afternoon, and whenever I would feel something, I would rebuke it, and it would go away. Also, towards the end of our visit, my brother was complaining of sore and tired feet, but strangely, my feet were not sore! Normally they would have been sore. Praise God!