If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

I would give myself a longer, more flowery, feminine name that is a little more fashionable. My name is one of those that used to be popular in the 30s, but now not a lot of young girls are named it. I usually get comments like, “that was my aunt – or grandma’s name”, and the comment is usually spoken with quite a bit of affection. The other person I know that has my name is my co-worker who is in her 50s and was given the name because of her nationality.

So I probably would have renamed myself either something from the Bible, or something classic and feminine like Victoria, Alexandra, Abigail, Brianna, Katherine, etc. Nothing too fancy or unusual, or spelled in a weird way – no thank you.

As a writer, I love studying names, and I often research name meanings and search sites like Behind the Name for ethnic names. I think names and the image they project are important. When I was looking at names for my son, I wanted something that masculine, had a great meaning, and did not project a particular image. I ended up naming him Jonathan, which means “gift of God”.