So I have been fighting a weird, mysterious earache since last week, and my awesome husband had laid hands on me late Sunday night, and by today I felt much, much better with only some weird twinges of pain and pressure in my ear, if at all.

It seems that listening to the Word of God on tape and to sermons help my faith a great deal, and make me feel much better afterwards. Still, I have to fight my own unbelief and anxiety.

I had some discomfort in my stomach tonight, even before dinner, which I had attributed to hunger. But I felt the tiredness and discomfort I usually feel before my period comes. But it just came two weeks ago so it can’t be right. About an hour or two after dinner I ended up on the toilet with a bad stomach ache and my poop coming out like the usual when this happens, except this episode was quite a bit longer than I had expected, and even now I have some lingering discomfort.

What was frightening was that by the end of this episode, I believe my anxiety was so great that I felt my upper respiratory airways constrict, as if I had asthma or was going to have a panic attack. I went to hubby and asked him to pray for me. He flat out prayed for my being scared and anxious to go away. Afterwards, when questioned, I confessed that I was anxious, perhaps about seeing the doctors. I shouldn’t be, because I know that by the stripes of Jesus I was healed. I need to persist in the Word, and not let that bully, Satan get me down!

The honest truth is that my enemy has been trying to pepper my thoughts full of worry, anxiety, and depression. I have also felt very emotional about several life issues. I have found that even though my symptoms have been gone and I believe I am healed, yet there is this anxiety about life and its trials in general that has been gnawing at me. I do not like this because it reminds me of my mom’s faithlessness. She was a constant worrywort, and her blood pressure went up and down because of it. Hubby says that I get too overworked in worry and anxiety and it harms my body. It took 20 minutes, I think, for my bronchials to return to normal. But I did not like that my first response was that I needed an asthma inhaler. That was my past.

Anyway, praise God that we are overcomers! When I lie down, I shall sleep in peace.