We went to C____ this Saturday, first we went and saw the P____ Apartments, which were right next to a college. And I slipped and fell when I stepped into a muddy puddle there. Not a good sign.

Yesterday my ear and headfelt much better after I kept commanding the earache and headache to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. As I listened to scriptures on mp3s, and also sermons, it helped my faith a lot, and I learned quite a bit from Dan Downey’s web site about how “persistence breaks down resistance”, and how he would command things to go, talking to it as if it were a person.

I had prayed for a scripture mp3 with a pleasant woman’s voice instead, and praise God I found a 40 minute one on the Andrew Wommack ministries site.

Anyway, going back to what happened at the park – hubby sprained his ankle during the game and had to sit for awhile. He and my Jack got into a loud (and I mean loud – I was surprised at the intensity and passion in Jack’s voice) debate over the gifts of the Holy Spirit and whether such gifts are given today. It took hubby sharing all the supernatural things that happened to him in order for Isaac to understand why he believed the way he did. Sitting behind them was a woman reading that New Age book, “The Secret”. Later hubby told me he could sense that she was annoyed by their discussion. I tried to keep our son occupied during their discussion, but after 20 minutes when hubby complained that his foot was still strained and that he couldn’t get up. That was when I said to him, “why don’t you use your faith?” He smiled sheepishly and said, “why didn’t I think of that? And here I was, talking about faith.” I rebuked the sprained ankle, and to my amazement, in less than a minute, he said to Jack, “let’s play again”. Jack was like, “really”? Then hubby got up and we all went back to the disc golf course and played another round, and even showed a family behind us the basics. Wow, that is faith!

The two men continued their faith discussion in the car when I went to the craft store to look for yarn for my mom and dad’s scarves. I found yarn in the perfect colors for them. Dad’s is an earth tone yarn with the olive green color with brown. Jack took one look and said, “that is something Dad would wear.” Cool! Now I have enough to keep busy for several weeks!

Praise God for his goodness!