Here I go again with trying my hand at blogging/journaling/online diaries. I hope this one sticks! I tend to start online things and then abandon them after awhile. Maybe it’s because it’s electronic and although I love to type, I also like handwriting my journals too. But sometimes there’s not enough time to handwrite all of my thoughts so I prefer typing them out…

I don’t know if I’m going to make all of these entries public or not. I am tending towards keeping most of them private simply because I am an introvert (yeah, one of those introverted writers) by nature, and usually even when I write in diaries I tend to just write down my observations and facts about the day, instead of pouring all of my thoughts and feelings into it. For some reason the thought of doing this embarrasses me. But I really, really want to write down my uncensored thoughts in this journal because lately I have had a lot of them. To me this means that I would write in a more spontaneous, conversational style than I am used to (I normally write in a more formal style).

But maybe someone out there wants to read my thoughts – I don’t know. I like this template, I am a writer so it really suits me.

Anyway, I will write and see – ha. I’ll transfer my other journal entry from another site over here and see how it works it. Bye!